Saturday, 28 August 2010

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Saturday, 5 June 2010


I was 7 years old when i first heard it, Led Zepps became one of my instant favourites band ever because of this song, that was when i was 7

But when i heard Israel's finest Ofra Haza singing it, it made a whole new deminsion and gave me a whole other understanding

The words are utterly beautiful, haunting perfirmance from ine of the best female singers in history, i think that when i think of the song Speritualy, it will give The meaning.

'All i see turns to brown as the sun burns the ground, in my eyes theres sand as i scan these wasted lands, trying to find..trying to find where ive been...'

This is Youtube link:

Beyond words

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Tuesday, 20 April 2010


As a 'limited' individuals, we all tend to think that there are a certain material or spiritual needs/things that we lack, today Ambitions has turned into Greed, the everlasting human nature for more can be seen at any day anywhere today.

Some people wish that they would require this or that, theres no limits for the hunger for material world in our souls, and some turn to God for assurance, having a spiritual sacred connection with God is peaceful and assuring, but most of us turn to him mostly in times of need and despair only.

My ever lasting hunger, my inner greed is perhaps the hunger for knowledge, wisdom and science, perhaps thats not a dramatic material need to some, but tome that is the only thing that i think about daily, so many things i could do but im running out of time and many obstacles are ahead, but recently i have made peace with this agonizing urge, ive learned that i cant race time, but i can accept the laws of time and take everything for granted, only then things wohld become clear instead of dark, a future ambition instead of a burden, an achievment instead of failure.

Take life for granted, appreciate whos around, whats around from the sites and sounds of the world, because when u take a closer look, u would find one of the ancient secrets ever existed: life is simply more beautiful than we could comprehend

So my dear reader, take a deep breath and Pause, pause and appreciate

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Sunday, 14 February 2010

A Prophet of God or Zeus...?

we all know who Zeus is, the father and the god of the Olympian/titan/Mortal god, son of Chronos, husband of Hera, Brother of Poseidon, Hades..etc

so he was one of the oldest if not THE oldest god in the world (minus the Chinese religion/Mythology) and so forth, if anyone read the religious books and Greek Mythology would notice the astonishing Resemblance between the two Religions, such as:

1- Christianity's version of god does looks very much similar to Greek's Zeus as we can see in Michealangelo's Celestine chapel

2- whenever Zeus is angry, Earthquakes, Lightning strikes, those are his trademark for his anger

3- in greek mythology, the creation of man was as the following: a mud shaped man that Athena BREATHED life into and man was created

and many other similarities, so my question is; did god send messengers to the Greeks (note that Greek mythology goes thousands of years before Islam, Judaism and Christianity) or is it just a big fat coincidence..?

or we can go with the Christian explanation: Satan did it, he tricked the greeks because he knew that god will send messengers and their message will be the same

if so, then im sure Satan would say:

*pleased to meet you, hope you get my name and the nature of my game*

Friday, 22 January 2010

Veronika Decides To Die

One of the most hyped books in recent years, for some reason i ciuldnt understand the fuzz regarding this book, but after reading it, & after reading it, i can honestly say that The book has a very poor storyline, there was nothing special in the book, and the chapter in the hospital ( where Veronika decides to push the limit) well let me say, she DID push the limit, and Coelho have succefully prooved to me that he is an official sick old man with that uncalled for unrational chapter.

Overal rating: 1

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Monday, 11 January 2010

Working out local-style

For some reason, when u workout on the beach, on a deserted road or even in the desert, local people are always giving u THE LOOK (i call it: YOGY) but unfourtunately, foriegn people are the friendly part on the road, always keeping a smile on their faces, saying their usual friendly hi to u, bs rabi3na mo 9ij, lo wa7id wla wa7da, il nafsiya bl sima, 3la shno madry :/

Thats the bad part of working out outside

Sometime u fall upon a peaceful places like the one in the pic, some serenity is always appreciated in today's chaotic world (at least thats what i need)

Thats the good part of it

So who knows, i might see YOU on the road someday, but if i do, u dot wanna put on a YOGY face, a simple nod would do the trick :)

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Friday, 20 November 2009

the ignored society

i remember a time where when we used to walk in the malls and at the streets and everything was *normal* on a certain level, what disturbed that image sometimes are when u see a fight, a car accident, a guy stalking a girl *which has became one of Kuwait's Cultures btw* and last but not least, when you see a Homo-sexual people *gay, lesbian, boya..etc u name it*

thats what im gonna talk about today, but you see im not gonna criticise them, even though they DO go against everything i stand for, whether ethically or religiously or morally, u name it. but before criticising them, one must understand why they are who they are

whenever a problem occur, there are always two ways to see it, 1- u see the problem, know about it, Criticise IT, COMPLAIN about it, and finally, ignore it


2- you see a problem, STUDY the problem, examine the problem, and finally look for a SOLUTION for the problem


in a society where everybody knows everything and all they do is complain and ignore, Homo-sexual people are becoming a phenomena over the recent years, u could almost see them anywhere now, 10 years ago it used to be an EVENT to see a homo-sexual in a public place, now its something regular and ordinary to see one because WE ALLOWED IT to happen

now, im not suggesting for you to go and smash their heads whenever you see one, on the contrary, im asking you to ask WHY are they the way they are, unfortunately i have never encountered an HS before, but almost all my friends say that whenever they encounter one and ask them why are you the way you are? are you proud of yourself? what does your family think of you now? they all answer the same thing: their ok with it, and ive always have more FEMININE hormones and genes in my system since i was a baby

thats a pure lie

everybody have feminine hormones and genes, its the choice that we make. now, some of those people *if not most of them* are victims, indeed, victims of a surrounding and an ignorant society, to understand someone, u must always put yourself in thier shoes *this advice applies on women too, see things from her perspective and youl get a healthy relationship, beat that Dr Gray*

1- when their in a public place, they ARE expecting criticism, public attack, humiliation..etc and it is the stubbornness in the human which keep them going

2- some of them dress and look as they should most of the time, but whenever theyr away from their families or the people that they are avoiding in order to keep their image safe, they change into what they want, whether gay, lesbian, boya..etc

3- some have fallen victims to a childhood experience, rape, sexual abuse, molested..etc and in a society where seeing a shrink is considered shameful, nobody knows how to really handle these situation, when something like this happens to a person, you loose all self-respect, all your definition of moral, ethics and principals dies with you and nothing really matters anymore

4- these are the worst, their straight, but they have gay friends, so why not? foga! :s hey? what did u expect from a HABBAH-LOVING people?

theresnt a specific place where the Homo-sexual community hang out, or else i would have walked into there and talked to them myself, asked them one simple question: are you happy with yourself? some are used to the way they are, some are lost in the crowd

i hope one day we see a real change regarding this unfortunate phenomena, im writing this because of 3 reasons

1- it is against everything i stand for
2- this isnt the way we were raised, this is Kuwait godammit!
3- its against all religions, Islam, Christianity..etc

i wonder from where did this phenomena came from, Media? travelling abroad? god knows from where

some might tell me HEY, its a freedom of choice! ok, its cool, but you have a point and i have mine, and will see where the tides will take us.

til next time